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Retirement mutual fund
             The Retirement Mutual Fund (RMF) is an investment vehicle designed to promote retirement savings through tax incentives guidelined by the government’s policy. The RMF is suitable for investors who wish to save for retirement, especially those who do not have other retirement saving welfare in place such as government pension fund or provident fund, or else wish to further enhance their current retirement savings.

Tax Benefits
1. Investment up to 15 percent of the annual assessable income or a maximum of 500,000 baht when combined with provident funds or government mutual funds is tax deductible.
2. Benefit payouts including capital gain are tax-free as long as investors:
    (1) Make at least one investment per year; however, a maximum grace period of one year is acceptable.
    (2) Invest at least 3 percent of the annual assessable income or 5,000 Baht, whichever amount is lower;
    (3) Redeem investment at the age of 55 and over after a consistent investment period of not less than 5 years.
3. Redemption before the age of 55 or have not consistently held the investment units for at least 5 years will not grant investors any tax benefits. Also, the tax deducted at the time they purchased the redeemed investment units will be recalculated as taxable income within the next tax filing.

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last updated date 04/05/2553

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