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Investment limit

            In order to diversify investment risk, different limits are imposed on different investment assets. Limits are of two kinds: company limit and product limit. Company limit specifies a proportion of funds allowed to allocate into securities issued by a specific company. Product limit is imposed on investments in certain types of investment assets.


Types of Investment Assets

Investment Limit (%NAV)


Securities issued by commercial banks established under specific law: cash deposits, debt instruments, hybrid instruments, derivative warrants, derivatives, and structured notes.

Company limit above invement grade
≤ 20% (under investment grade ≤5%)


Thai government securities

No limit


Foreign government securities: first- and second- class

No limit



Company limit ≤ 35%


 Investment-grade debt instruments issued by non-governmental entities and non-banks

 Company limit ≤ 15%


Equity instruments

Company limit ≤ 15%


IPO shares



Foreign equity instruments


  5. Junk (compose of (a) debt that ratting above investment grade (b) non-listed company (c) item 1 that has rating under investment grade Company limit ≤ 5%
Product limit ≤ 15%


Feeder fund (conduct all of its investing through the master fund)

Single Fund limit ≥ 80%


To be qualified as a feeder fund, provident fund assets must be invested in the master fund ≥ 80%.



Investment units and warrants on investment units

Product limit ≤ 65%

Specific fund limit ≤ 10%


Investment units – property fund

Product limit ≤ 15%


Investment units – foreign investment fund

Single fund limit ≤ 15%
No product limit


Investment units and warrants on investment units of a guaranteed mutual fund



10.1 capital and interest guaranteed

No product limit


10.2 capital guaranteed - full

Product limit ≤ 65%


10.3 capital guaranteed - partial

Product limit ≤ 10%

Note: Securities issued by the employer and its associated companies ≤ 15 % PVD , except junk ≤ 5% PVD
last updated date 04/10/2554

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