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Disclosure of investment information and Actions taken in case investment does not conform to investment regulations
  • Disclosure of investment information
             Asset management companies have duty to disclose investment information as follows:
             1. The amount of fund invested in debt instruments, deposits, equities, and hybrid instruments, as well as proportions of investments to NAV.
             2. Details and credit rating of each individual debt instrument, deposit, and hybrid instrument.
             3. Maximum proportion of NAV that is planned to invest in non-investment grade (junk) financial instruments. Please also be noted that written approvals from the fund committees are obligatory.
             4. Information mentioned above must be disclosed in the funds' monthly and annual reports.
  • Actions taken in case of disqualified investment
             With the exception of the SEC permission, if the assets invested becomes disqualified, the asset management companies must dispense such assets within 30 days after the date they became disqualified.
  • Actions taken in case of non-compliance with investment limit
             1. In case of subscription right, the asset management companies must adjust the investment proportion within 30 days after the date the XR sign is posted.
             2. In case the assets held turn into non-investment grade (junk) assets, the asset management companies must adjust the investment proportion within 30 days after the notification date.
             3. In case the investment limit is violated because the debt owed to a provident fund is paid off by other assets (debt negotiation) or because of reasons other than adding additional investment, the asset management company does not have to adjust the investment proportion but must report such incidents to the fund committee within 3 days after the date the incidents occurred.

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