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FC course
  • Initiation
              Provident fund committees play crucial roles in managing provident funds for members’ best interest. Thus, the understanding and knowledge of provident fund management is essential. FC courses were initiated when the office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) realizes that the fund committee can truly assure members that they will have better life after retirement only through effective fund management.
  • Cooperation
              The SEC has cooperated with three professional organizations – the Association of Investment Management Companies (AIMC), the Association of Provident Funds (AOP), and the Thailand Securities Institute (TSI) – that have common interest in uplifting the fund management standard among provident fund committees. Cooperation led to the development of “FC Fundamental Course” and “FC Advance Course” aiming to educate provident fund committees about their roles and responsibilities in the provident fund management.

              1.) FC Fundamental Course
                   Course Outline
                   FC Fundamental Course covers 4 key areas and is available in Thai language only.
                   1. Basic knowledge of provident funds
                       Contents include knowledge about structure of provident funds, types of provident funds, tax incentives, the Provident Fund Act B.E. 2530, and FC duties and penalties.
                   2. Roles and responsibilities of provident fund committee according to laws, regulations, and the principle of good governance
                       Contents stress on the roles and responsibilities of provident fund committees under the Provident Fund Act B.E. 2530 and SEC notifications and principles of good governance which consist of duty of loyalty, duty of care and duty to monitor. It also includes fund management in various perspectives which are fund administration, investment management, employee's choice, and member relation.
                   3. Techniques to analyze financial reports and fund performance
                       Contents include basic accounting principles and techniques to analyze and evaluate provident fund performance reports.
                   4. Investment in financial and capital markets
                       Contents include scope and structure of financial and stock markets e.g. financial products in the markets, preliminary knowledge of derivatives, etc. These contents are useful guidance for provident fund’s investment planning.

             2.) FC Advance Course
                   Course Outline
                   FC Advance Course covers 3 key areas and is also available in Thai language only.
                   1. Investment and portfolio management
                       Contents include basic knowledge of investment, portfolio risk management, and asset allocation strategies.
                   2. Fund performance evaluation
                       Contents consist of how to select appropriate benchmarks to compare and evaluate fund performance.
                   3. Employee’s choice
                       Here, the lessons are about how to set up employee’s choice and a master fund having different policies (employee’s choice). It also concerns ideas on how to select an appropriate investment policy for fund members.
  • Join the Course
    The Association of Provident Funds (AOP) Tel. 0-2294-7430-2, 0-2284-2397
    The Association of Investment Management Companies (AIMC) Tel. 0-2264-0900

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