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SEC role

            The Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC) is an independent state agency established under the Securities and Exchange Act B.E. 2535. We are responsible for capital market supervision and also a provident fund registrar. 

            Provident Fund Registrar
            As a registrar, the SEC is responsible for registration of newly set up provident funds, supervising service providers such as management company, custodian and NAV verifier to ensure that they appropriately conduct their business for the best interest of members of the fund. The duty is jointly responsible between Investment Management Supervision Department and Investment Advisor Supervision Department. 

            Establishment of Thaipvd.com website
            The SEC awares that education for employers and employees is necessary. Thus, other than disseminating various kinds of document and publication to public, being speakers in many seminar forums , we has also established a website "thaipvd.com" to be a center of information and knowledge of provident fund. This will make it easier for public to access information. 

            Thaipvd.com Logo
            Three circles in thaipvd's logo are representing fund members, fund committees and employers who have to jointly conduct their duties appropriately. These three parties are crucial for the establishment of the fund which is set up under mutual agreement between employer and employees who find saving for retirement is essential as they agree to pay contribution. The fund is represented by a fund committee who plays a key role in supervising the fund in general, including monitoring the management of fund assets. This will make a provident fund as an efficient tool for retirement saving. 

           Structure of the SEC's role 
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