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Fund Articles


          The fund articles are the governing rules that provide fund management framework and guidelines for the fund committee and members. The fund articles must comply with the Provident Fund Act B.E. 2530 and related regulations and are effective as of the registration date assigned by the Provident Fund Registrar.


Required Items

          The articles of the fund must consist of at least the following items:

          1.  The name of the fund.

          2.  The office of the fund.

          3.  The objectives of the fund.

          4.  The procedures for member admission and termination. The reporting date of membership termination must be
                the actual termination date of membership.

          5.  The provisions regarding the number of the fund committee members, the election and appointment procedures,                    the term of office, the termination of office and the meeting of the fund committee.

          6.  The provisions regarding contributions of the employee’s and the employer's.
               The contribution rates of each fund may differ subject to periods of employment or grades of employees.
               In any case, contribution rates should be reasonable and clearly specified. Moreover, the employer's
                                   contribution rates cannot be lower than those of the employee’s.

          7.  The provisions regarding the rules and procedures for the computation of employee benefits.

          8.  The provisions regarding the rules, procedures and period of time for the payment of benefits to employees
                upon membership termination or dissolution of the fund.
(vesting rule)

          9.  The provisions regarding the expenses of the fund.

          10.The provisions regarding the annual general meeting.


Amendment of Fund Article

The amendment of fund articles is the fund committee’s responsibility. However, in case of amendment with potential material impacts on members’ rights, resolutions of member meetings may be taken into consideration.
          To amend the fund articles, the fund committee will notify the management company to inform the registrar of the amendment through the "Provident Fund Online Procedure: POP." The registrar will consider and approve the amendment registration within two days after the complete and correct documents are submitted.


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