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Duties and Responsibilities


          Fund committee have many duties to take great care. They have overall responsibility for ensuring that it is administered stictly in accordance with fund governing rules and provident fund laws.

General Duty

          1.  Accept member application and inform asset management company about resigned member
          2.  Disclose fund governing rule to the member

          3.  Supervise employer in sending contribution
          4.  Modify fund governing rule
          5.  Take legal action for the fund benefit
          6.  Conduct the liquidation process

Investment Duty

          1.  Set fund objective and investment policy

          2.  Select asset management company
          3.  Monitor assetmanagement company to comply with fund investment policy
          4.  Give suggestion or advise about asset valuation
          5.  Make decision in accepting donation
          6.  Make decision in receiving performance with other assets
          7.  Give approval to any conflict of interest transaction
          8.  Monitor incorrect pricing transaction

Disclosure Duty

          1. Disclose all relevant information to member

          2. Establish fund's annual general meeting (AGM)


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