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International Relation

The Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has joined the International Organization of Pension Supervisors (IOPS) as a governing member since its inception in July 2004. As a member, the SEC has extensive opportunities to observe and study other members' practices on pension supervision. This assists the SEC to further enhance pension supervision in Thailand to be on par with international standards.

About IOPS

The International Organization of Pension Supervisors (IOPS) is an independent international entity founded with the purposes of standardizing pension supervision, promoting borderless cooperation among pension supervisors and regulators and providing a forum for exchange of information regarding supervisory policies. Currently, the IOPS has more than 40 members in 30 countries worldwide.

            Founded in July 2004, the IOPS was initiated by the International Network of Pension Regulators (INPRS), an informal network of pension supervisors and regulators supported by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). To better serve the expanding circle of pension regulators, the INPRS later introduced the formation of the IOPS as a worldwide forum for supervisory issues and ideas. 


Membership Classification

The IOPS comprises three types of memberships as follows:
*  Governing Members: entities responsible for pension supervision of members' own country. They have the right to access all activities of the IOPS as well as voting rights on significant issues.
*  Associate Members: governmental or international authorities responsible in whole or in part for pension regulations or policies and any international governmental organization that has a direct, institutional interest in pension supervision. Associate members can join only Technical Committee Meeting, Regional Committee Meeting and Research Committee Meeting and are not entitled with voting rights of any kind.
*  Observer-Status Members: other entities interested in pension supervision. They can join only Technical Committee Meeting and Regional Committee Meeting without voting rights.


IOPS Activities

          The IOPS projects during 2006 are as follow:
    *   Core elements of a risk-based approach to pension supervision and strategic planning.
     *   Supervisory education, outreach and communication, including training of trustees.
     *   Guidelines for compliance with the licensing of pension funds.
     *   Database of supervisory structures.
     *   Cross-border pension supervision.
     *   Utilization of IT technology in off-site supervision.

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SEC Cooperation

          SEC, as an IOPS member,  has collabolated with IOPS in the following issues:

YEAR 2007


Joint  OECD-IOPS funded pension statistical data collection


IOPS Questionnaire on Information to be provided to members of DC pension plan

YEAR 2006


Questionnaire for IOPS Members Pension Supervision Issues related to Insurance Companies,  5th July 2006Geneva,Switzerland


Survey Questionnaire: Comparison of Supervisory Education in IOPS Member Countries and Evaluation of Effectiveness and Impact of Pensions Supervisory Education  


OECD-IOPS Questionnaire on Registration and Licensing in Private Pension Systems


IOPS Principles of Private Pension Supervision


Utilization of Information Technologies in Off-Site Supervision of Private Pension Systems


OECD Global Pension Statistics: 2004 and 2005 developments in funded pension activity


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