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Service Provider

           Many services to be provided to provident fund are : investment management, safekeeping of fund asset, verification of  net asset value, auditing the accuracy of financial statement, as well as service on  fund administration. These service providers are under the supervision of The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

  Management Company

           A company that is responsible for investment of asset of the fund for benefit of the fund members. The management company will also assist the fund in communication with the SEC such as fund registration and amendment of fund article.  The management company must hold a private fund management license.

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          A company that is responsible  for safekeeping of asset of the fund. The custodian will also follow up any benefits  derives  from the investment of the fund,  such as dividend  and voting right  receive from investment.  The Custodian must be approved by the SEC

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  NAV Verifier  

           A company that is responsible for  verification of net asset value which is to be calculated by management company as to its correctness and in compliance with the rule. Since NAV is crucial in calculating provident fund units for employees who pay contributions to the fund, and the calculation of benefits paid to resigned members, NAV Verifier must be approved by the SEC.

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           A person responsible for auditing financial statement of the fund, Requirements governing an auditor of provident fund are as followed:

          (a) Provident fund of less than or equal to 100 members, or  a provident fund with fund value less than Baht 100 million, or  a provident fund of exceeding 100 members but fund value less than Baht 100 million, is required to have a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to audit its account.

          (b) Provident fund of more than 100 members is required to have an auditor who got approval from the SEC.

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   Fund Administrator

          A company that is responsible for collecting contributions paid into the fund and paying benefits to resigned members. The fund administrator will also prepare an individual statement for each member at least every 3 months, indicating  member's accrued benefit.  

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